SF&E has been deemed an essential business according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security CISA guidelines and will remain operating and maintain our normal work schedule.

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Investment Casting Foundry

Precision parts…

The “investment” or “lost wax” method of casting, offers affordable precision and an alternative to fabrications, forgings or parts machined from bar stock. The investment casting process at SF&E is constantly monitored, providing assurance that your specifications will be met. As in the sand casting Division, experts in the Investment Engineering Department are available to answer design questions and help you find creative solutions to your casting requirements. Let us be your investment casting company of choice.

Assembly and Dip

14 wax presses ranging from 27 to 70 tons. Automated dipping room with a daily capacity of 400 to 600 molds dependent on mold size.


Three induction melt power supplies with seven furnaces. Furnace sizes range from 190 lbs. to 1000 lbs. giving Stainless Foundry and Engineering flexibility in scheduling by weight and alloy.


To meet the variable needs of our customers castings in size, shape and alloy, we have a diverse equipment list that includes three different cutoff options, four finish blasting medias (Aluminum oxide, Stainless steel wire, steel shot, bead blast), straightening presses and on-site NDT including RT, PT, MT, VT and UT.

Investment Casting Process

investment casting foundry, investment casting company

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investment casting foundry, investment casting company