Stainless Foundry & Engineering, Inc.

Investment Foundry

Established in 1946 by John McBroom, & headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Stainless Foundry & Engineering Inc. (SFE) is a well-established and highly regarded manufacturer of raw and machined castings in both sand and investment.

SFE is a prominent supplier to OEM’s servicing the Chemical, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Pulp & Paper, Pharmaceutical, Food & Dairy, Metering, & Military markets with corrosion-resistant, high heat, and wear resistant steel, stainless steel & high alloy parts.

With annual shipments surpassing 4,000,000 lbs. of castings produced in weights ranging from less than 1 lb. to over 7,000 lbs., in over 250 alloys, SFE has the technical competence and manufacturing expertise to more than satisfy the requirements of its sizeable (over 600 strong in both North America and Europe) customer base.

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Sand Foundry
Welding and Reworking
Investment Casting Dip
Investment Casting Metal Pour
Invest Casting Molds
Testing Capabilities

Mission Statement

Use our technical expertise to deliver competitive customer solutions and high quality castings on-time.


Vision Statement

By investing in technology and employee development, we will maintain the casting expertise to consistently produce defect-free castings for all levels of quality with the most competitive lead time in the industry.


SFSA Handbook- Dimensional Capabilities of Steel Castings 

Men of Metal, by John McBroom

There is something about men of metal

Something genuine – realistic.

Something solid and true.

Fascinated by the sight of steel running

Like water, they respect heat for what

It is- and what it will do for them.

They have learned to control this powerful force.

Men who mean just what they say,

Who attract other men to them,

Attracted by quality and integrity

And that something about men of metal.

I am honored to note among my friends

Many men of metal.

Sand Casting Pour