Ni Resist Alloys

Ni-Resist or Ni Resist alloy grades are austenitic gray cast iron casting grades that provide good hardness, dampening, and some corrosion resistance. These grades are very brittle and cannot be welded. See main ni-resits properties below, or check our Alloy Selector for specific Ni-Resist alloys properties, chemical composition, mechanical properties, and processability information.

Ni Resist Alloy Properties
Representative AlloysType 1, Type 1b, Type 2, Type 2b, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6
ApplicationsWhere a combination of corrosion resistance and wear/erosion resistance is needed
LimitationsNon-weldable, brittle alloy
Typical UsesSlurry pumping applications, Cylinder liners, pistons, bearings, glands
Corrosion ResistanceGood in mild acids/alkalies, sea water but fair less than stainless steels


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