Foundry Engineering

Foundry Engineering

Stainless Foundry and Engineering has a strong team of experienced foundry engineers capable of providing innovative solutions and casting design guidance to bring your products to market quickly with high quality and provide cost effective solutions.

Our department of foundry engineers has over 100 years of combined experience to engineer a sound sand or investment casting. We draw upon our engineers’ years of experience in conjunction with modern tools, such as solidification modeling and rapid prototyping to deliver a sound casting.

We encourage involvement early in your design process to help make a more castable / manufacturable design.

SFE’s engineering team can provide Concurrent Engineering support to assist you with designing your part to be a high quality casting.  Some of the benefits can be:

  • Adequate machine stock.
  • Maximizing cast features to minimize machining.
  • Combining multiple parts into once casting to reduce cost and assembly.
  • Optimizing gating locations for casting soundness.
  • Review tolerances and datum structure to meet design requirements while minimizing costs.

We run some of the latest and most advanced casting solidification software that aids in designing rigging and gating solutions for high first run success and is also capable of analyzing metal flow to help improve initial casting quality.

Let SF&E’s engineering team help you with your next casting challenge.

foundry engineering