Investment Casting Foundry

Investment Casting Foundry in the US

Precision Investment Castings

SF&E delivers world-class quality investment castings for industry leaders with proven short lead times. Located in Milwaukee, WI – USA, we work with over 250 different alloys and have one of the most experienced foundry team in place – from our engineering and quality teams to our foundry and sales personnel.

Investment Casting, also known as “lost wax” casting, offers affordable precision and is an alternative to fabrications, forgings, or parts machined from bar stock.

What is Investment Casting?

The process of investment casting involves wax injected into an aluminum die block. The wax impression is removed from the die, then dipped in a slurry to create a ceramic stucco shell.  The wax is melted out of the shell and then heated in an oven to prepare for pouring.  Then molten metal is poured in the shell.  Once cooled, the ceramic outer layer is removed and the part proceeds to a cleaning room for final cutting and grinding.

Why and When to Choose Investment Casting?

Investment casting is preferred for its near net shape with a close tolerance to the final finished part and a naturally smooth finish. Our highly experienced foundry team meets the world’s most demanding specifications through a consistently monitored approach.

  • Cost-effective production of complex parts
    • Produce multiple complex castings in one batch, near their net shape.
    • Save money and time by no to minimal additional machining.
    • Cut production costs and timeline by 50% when converting a machined and welded part to a single form casting.
  • Highly complex geometry – We can cast walls as thin as 1/8th of an inch, and work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Near net shape – High-quality investment castings have a close tolerance to the final finished part and a natural smooth finish.
  • Structural strength – Single form castings can be more structurally sound than welded machined parts – welded seams can weaken over time.
  • Small parts – Final casting from ounces to 150 pounds.

Not sure which type of casting is best to produce your parts? Check out Investment vs Sand Casting – Differences and Advantages, or just talk to us today.

Our Investment Casting Capabilities

Assembly and Dip

14 wax presses ranging from 27 to 70 tons. Automated dipping room with a daily capacity of 400 to 600 molds dependent on mold size.


Three induction melt power supplies with seven furnaces. Furnace sizes range from 190 lbs. to 1000 lbs. giving Stainless Foundry & Engineering flexibility in scheduling by weight and alloy.


To meet the variable needs of our customers castings in size, shape and alloy, we have a diverse equipment list that includes three different cutoff options, four finish blasting medias (Aluminum oxide, Stainless steel wire, steel shot, bead blast), straightening presses and on-site NDT including RT, PT, MT, VT and UT.

Investment Casting Process

Cost-Effective Production of Complex Parts

Investment casting allows you to create the same accurate part over and over, within thousands of an inch.

Check out our guidelines on transforming fabrication conversions into castings with real case application examples.

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Our Certifications and Compliance

Our foundry takes quality seriously with a dedicated team of highly experienced engineers and operators that meet the World’s most demanding industry specifications.

  • ISO 9001 Certification – Foundry and Machine Shop
  • PED Certification
  • PED Scope of Approval
  • Conflict Minerals Statement
  • RoHS Declaration Form
  • REACH Declaration Form
  • Governmental and Military Program Conformance Stance
  • Oil and Gas Program Conformance Stance
  • Nuclear Program Conformance Stance
  • PED Conformance Stance
  • Food Contact Program Conformance Stance

See all our Certifications.

How to Guarantee Quality in Investment Castings?

  • Review the design of your part from a process perspective.
  • Choose an experienced team to design the gating and runner system.
  • Use solidification and flow analysis tools before building tooling and mold design. Check our Engineering Resources.
  • Guarantee alloys used in prototyping match the ones used in the foundry.
  • Choose a foundry with the needed certifications.

The investment casting process at SF&E is constantly monitored, providing assurance that your specifications are met. Our team of experts in the Investment Engineering Department is available to answer design questions and help you find the best solution to your casting requirements. Let us be your investment casting foundry of choice in the US.

Did you know?

If you are manufacturing parts or equipment that require compliance with FAR and DFARS, your foundry partner needs to be compliant as well. Check out governmental purchasing requirements.