Ductile Ni Resist Alloys

These Ductile Ni Resist grades are austenitic ductile iron grades that provide good hardness, dampening, and some corrosion resistance. They provide reasonable strength and dimensional stability at higher temperatures.

Alloy Properties
Representative Alloys D-2, D-5B
Applications Where a combination of toughness, corrosion resistance and wear/erosion resistance is needed; with certain alloy additons, these alloys also do well in higher temperature applications
Limitations Very difficult to weld
Typical Uses Slurry pumping applications, Cylinder liners, pistons, bearings, glands
Machinability Fair to good
Weldability Very difficult to weld and requires customer consent to weld
Corrosion Resistance Good in mild acids/alkalies, sea water but fair less than stainless steels

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