SF&E has been deemed an essential business according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security CISA guidelines and will remain operating and maintain our normal work schedule.

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Sand Casting Equipment

Sand Casting Core Room

Stainless Foundry & Engineering provides sand castings through standardized industry methods and sand casting equipment. Below is a list of sand casting equipment we use regularly at SF&E.

Core Room

  • Kloster no-bake core mixer loop 300lbs/min, with Recipe management System
  • Redford-Carver no bake core blower
  • Oil sand bench cores

Molding Technique

  • Osborne Cope and Drag machine flask 26” and 30″ square flask
  • Spo squeezer machine, flask size 14×14 and 12×18
  • Air Set Molding
  • Kloster 1000 lb/min, flask from 432″ sq. up 72″ sq.

Melt Furnaces

  • Pillar 750kw with 2200lb furnaces
  • Pillar 300kw with 400lb and 800lb furnaces.
  • Pillar 750kw with 2200lb and 3500lb furnaces.

Cleaning Room

  • 3 Miller arc air cut off booth
  • 1 L-Tech Plasma Cut off booth
  • 7 Miller Weld repair and fabrication booths
  • 7 Hand grinding booths
  • 7 20″ grinder
  • 1 L Homideau Belter
  • 1 Williams 200 ton Straightening press
  • 1 Rumlein aluminum oxide walk in blast for large casting up to  2 ton
  • 1 Rumlein aluminum oxide hand blast for small casting
  • 1 Wheelabrator steel 14 cubic foot steel belt tumble blast
  • 1 Wheelabrator Stainless steel rubber belted tumble blast