High Chromium White Cast Iron (High Cr White Iron)

High Chromium White Cast Iron, or High Cr White Iron grades are used in wear applications that require some corrosion resistance. One common application using High Chrome White Iron alloys is in Pump and Valve parts for the Mining industry.

The high chromium content offers the corrosion resistance and the fine carbides dispersed throughout provide the hardness. These grades cannot be welded.

High Chrome White Iron Alloy Properties
Representative Alloys Class I, Class II, and Class III Type A; Class I, Class II Type B; Class I Type C; Class I and Class II Type D
Applications Where wear resistance (or high hardness) and minimal corrosion resistance is required. Pump parts for the Mining industry
Limitations Very crack prone and non-weldable
Typical Uses Wear components
Machinability Fair
Weldability Non-weldable
Corrosion Resistance Low to fair


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