75 Year Proclamation from Milwaukee County Executive

Milwaukee County Executive, David Crowley Shares Proclamation to Celebrate SF&E 75 Year Anniversary

Pictured: Mitch McCaffery (SF&E Director of Sales & Marketing), Schinika Fitch (Milwaukee County Director of Community Relations), Jim Stachowiak (SF&E President & CEO), David Crowley (Milwaukee County Executive), Michael Porfilio (SF&E Director of Quality & Engineering), Aaron Knapp (SF&E Chief Financial Officer), & Rory Kluck (SF&E Plant Manager)

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley paid a visit to Stainless Foundry & Engineering on Wednesday, December 15th to award a Proclamation to SF&E for achieving 75 years. After growing up in the neighborhood, Crowley shared his excitement for finally being able to see what Stainless Foundry & Engineering was all about.

For 75 years, Stainless Foundry & Engineering has provided high quality, metallurgically sound castings  to industries spanning from military, food and dairy, oil and gas, mining, automotive, nuclear, aerospace, and many more. SF&E has also been an industrial staple of Milwaukee manufacturing and has provided countless jobs for members of the Milwaukee community and is considered a “second home” to several employees that have generations of their family work at the foundry.

Scott Schwulst has been at SF&E for 40 years and is a third-generation employee, following in his two grandfather’s, two uncle’s, and father’s footsteps and passion for metal work. Scott’s family and their love for the work and company, as well as his personal experience with getting to learn about metallurgy through a high school program, influenced his decision to work in the foundry from a young age. To Scott, SF&E is an extension of his family. Scott has worn many hats and served in a variety of role such as lead welder, director of machine shop, and quality director, to name a few. “It wasn’t always a job. It was more than a career; it was family and a lot of friends that go way back.”

David Jackson started working at SF&E in 1974 and over the 47 years with the company has done a little bit of everything. He currently works on the floor as a Core/Mold Maker for the Sand part of the Foundry. He recalls working the McBroom family, the original founders/owners of SF&E, and how they treated everyone like it was family. David is proud to be a part of the process of creating parts and products that are instrumental for society in the food and dairy, oil and gas, and the pump and valve industries, to name a few. “It makes me feel good knowing that the work I am doing is making a difference for our customers and that they appreciate the quality we strive to bring to our work.”

Stainless Foundry & Engineering continues to be a place of good people who work hard to deliver on our 75 year reputation of quality, dependability, customer service.

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