Business Update to Our Customers and Business Partners amid COVID-19

Dear Valued Customer, Future Customer, and Business Partner,


Stainless Foundry & Engineering, Inc. has been operating daily and responding to all customer requests in a timely manner, pouring & delivering successful complex castings, in over 250 alloys, in record lead times.


We are highly committed to keeping our customers, employees, business partners, and our community at large, safe, by following CDC recommendations. We have made investments to upgrade our personal protective equipment, staff rotation, cleaning routines, and communication tools over the last several months.


We are actively committed and involved in supporting current and new customers in addressing any supply chain disruptions they may have experienced.

Our customers can attest to extraordinary results in addressing their concerns with:

  • Supply Chain Disruption and Impact on lead times and delivery dates
  • Instability and Financial concerns with their supply chain
  • Portions of their supply chain closing or unable to re-open.


To assure you we are the right Foundry to work with in the USA we have proactively:

  • Reinforced our financial position – We have taken necessary steps to secure our financial strength to retain key employees, suppliers and are positioned for growth.
  • Maintained Lead Times – Despite safer at home orders, we have maintained our lead times throughout this pandemic.
  • Moving patterns and tools – We updated and reinforced our onboarding process with additional staffing, communication processes, and tools to guarantee a smooth transition of your key projects.



We stand in Wisconsin as a robust Foundry trusted by the largest engineering companies in the world. If you wish to get in contact with us, please reach out to our executive team or reach out to one of our Sales account managers.


Thank you for your continued support and partnership during these times.



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