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Wisconsin Foundry – Experts in Nuclear & NAVSEA

Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) has been producing cast and machined components for the nuclear and military industries for over 70 years. Our foundry and technical engineering staff have expertise in sea, land, and air applications. We pair high specifications required for military and nuclear applications with our industry-leading standards and unique processes to ensure compliance and a solid foundation to the finished process.

Whether an application calls for a 2-pound carbon steel WCB bonnet or a 2,750-pound CA6NM Class 1 Nuclear Impeller, SF&E has the onsite resources to satisfy all requirements. SF&E has full understanding and infrastructure for the production of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) and NAVSEA compliant work.

  • Qualified inspection and manufacturing personnel – MIL-STD-410F and ASNT SNT-TC-1A, Level II
  • On-site Lab and NDE/NDT, Level III – VT, PT, RT, MT
  • Electronic Signoff ensuring 100% job traveler compliance
  • FAR/DFARs compliant programs and processes
  • 15CFR700 Production Scheduling capabilities
  • NAVSEA S9074-AZ-GIB-010/248 Welding Program
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO 31000 compliant

Multi-Stage Pump:

Material – ASTM A487, Grade CA6NM, Class A

A 12 stage split case pump is made up of three different castings: upper casing, impeller, and a lower pump casing. The parts are cast in martensitic stainless steel, which provides mechanical strength and superior corrosion resistance to endure the conditions of the nuclear environment.

2” Ball Valve Body

Material – ASTM B369, Grade C96400 (Cu-Ni 70/30)

Above is a high-pressure marine and NAVSEA application fluid delivery system component. SF&E will fully machine this item for our customer. We have strong expertise in casting valve bodies and other pressure retaining shapes to high specification applications.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Body Housing and Machined component

Material – ASTM A351, Grade CF3M (AISI 316L)

High specification, high criticality machined components, like the high-pressure fluid control valve above, can go through full non-destructive testing (NDT) evaluation if required.

Certified personnel are available on-site or from our high specification approved providers.

If you have questions about how SF&E can help with your next nuclear, military, or high specification project, contact for more information!

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