More than Stainless Steel: Casting with Bronze Alloys at SF&E

Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) has been producing cast brass and bronze alloys since the 1970s. Within the past year, we have ramped up volume production and equipment investments to meet a growing need. In particular, SF&E has been working with commercial, pressure-retaining, and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) defense parts.

Bronze Alloy Pour

The renewed focus on bronze came after speaking with customers who were having a difficult time finding a foundry partner that could cast the shapes they needed in the material they needed.

SF&E offers alloys and specification combinations, including cast brasses and bronzes, and copper based alloys such as copper-nickel (Cu-Ni) and Monel alloys nickel-copper (Ni-Cu).


We are primarily a high alloy and steel foundry, but our process controls allow us to also make non-ferrous materials such as brasses, bronzes and other copper-based alloys. SF&E currently has procedures for commercial, ASME, and NAVSEA welding for bronze alloys.


Material – ASTM B148, grade C95800

The pump housing assembly is made up of three parts: a back plate, an impeller, and a pump casing. The parts were cast in nickel aluminum bronze, which is a highly corrosion resistant alloy to seawater, and often used for maritime and naval operations.

Pump house assembly casting


Material – ASTM B148, grade C90700

These back plates are made in high tin bronze alloy, which is a high strength material needed for high endurance in component life.

Back Plate Castings


Material – ASTM B148, grade C90500

This housing is made from high tin bronze, which is ideal for high-strength applications, such as heavy loads traveling at low speeds or good corrosion resistance.

Housing Casting

Material – ASTM B148, grade C87500

This casing is made from copper silicon bronze, a high strength alloy that provides corrosion resistance at high temperatures and in marine environments.

The SF&E engineering team continues to revise technical procedures, processes, and techniques for brass and bronze casting production. Analytical capabilities have been upgraded with the recent addition of two spectrometers which have been set up specifically for copper based alloys. We also offer impregnation as an assurance tool that a casting will hold pressure without leaking.


Are you looking to convert an existing part to bronze, or are you running into challenges with your current foundry partner? Contact us today to see if we can help

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