In-House Machining Solution

If you’re paying extra freight costs to ship castings from foundries to machine shops, or having quality struggles uncovering defects after machining, a foundry with in-house machining capabilities could be your solution. Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) has been machining castings since the mid-1980s. Having a fully dedicated off-site facility, owned and operated by SF&E, we give our customers the ability to work with a true one-stop shop. Located 15 minutes northwest of beautiful downtown Milwaukee, we possess a number of different CNC machines particularly lathes, horizontal machine centers, and vertical machining centers. Under that same roof, we top off our inspection capabilities with a reliable and robust CMM to verify dimensional inspection.

SF&E Machine Shop


Our various different lathes possess the ability to rough and finish various geometries of castings up to 25” in diameter and 50” in length. Whether you’re looking for rough or tight tolerances, we can ensure our CNC engineering department dials in the programming required to meet your needs.


Horizontal & Vertical Machining Centers

Doing business in multiple industries calls for a wide scope of equipment needs. To satisfy our customers, we have various horizontal machining centers (4-axis) capable of handling castings up to 51 x 43 x 49 (L x H x W) inches and various vertical machining centers capable of handling 40 x 21 x 21 inches.

Machine Shop Testing
Machining Tool
Machining Equipment


Many machined castings require more thorough inspection so we’ve equipped our shop with a Brown & Sharp Xcel 9x12x9 CMM with fully functional probes and software updated to 2021 standards. Our inspection team has recently calibrated and certified our equipment to meet industry standards to ensure our customers get the quality they want, and have come to expect, from our world-class organization.

Machine Shop


Our primary focus is on low-volume, complex machining, however we have developed a partner network with 8 local machine shops to help us satisfy our order requirements. All of our partners are fully audited before they are added to our approved vendor list. Whether you’re looking for 1 casting or 35,000, SF&E is poised to handle some of most vigorous and difficult machining in the industry. Our lean manufacturing systems allow us to control costs through efficiencies and reduced lead times so our customers can benefit from high quality, low cost speed to market products.

Machined Parts

We want to be your one-stop shop for any machining needs. Contact us, today to see if we can help

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