Schutte & Koerting Chooses SF&E Bronze for Quality, Consistency

Schutte & Koerting (S&K) has more than a century of experience in the design and manufacture of steam jet vacuum systems, steam jet heaters, exhausters and compressors, scrubber systems, desuperheaters, thermocompressors, eductors and syphons, ejectors, and valves. S&K designs both standard product and custom equipment, working with customers such as oil refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, and paper drying equipment manufacturers.


S&K has a reputation for solving the most challenging vacuum process requirements. So, it comes as no surprise that they choose to work with suppliers who can promise and deliver at the same level.


“Since we are an engineer-to-order company, it is really important that all of our parts maintain high quality,” said Ruth Pizzino, Production Manager for Schutte & Koerting. “We only order a few pieces of each part, made specifically for an end application, we don’t order extra.”

S&K has been a longstanding customer of Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E), mainly with pressure containing castings in stainless and various alloyed valve parts. When SF&E reintroduced bronze capabilities in late 2020, Pizzino happened to need a bronze casting from a pattern already in possession at SF&E that previously poured CA-15 martensitic steel and M30C nickel based steel. Does Pizzino move the pattern to another foundry, or give SF&E a shot at bronze?


“I decided to give SF&E a try with the bronze part because their quality is very good with the steel, stainless steel, and high alloyed castings they produce for us,” Pizzino said. “We very rarely have porosity or dimensional issues with their castings. If there is a problem with the pattern, for instance if it is worn or needs refurbishment, they let us know right away and it does not affect deliverability. They fix the problem so it does not happen with the next order.”


During the contract review process, SF&E made sure the foundry and process engineering teams collaborated to ensure the procedures could support this alloy and a sound casting could be made.

“We were extremely excited to see S&K give us an opportunity at bronze. We know we are a trusted partner for various alloys, so our focus was to ensure first cast yield on the C90500 tin bronze,” said Mitch McCaffery, Director of Sales & Marketing for SF&E. “Looking back on the project, we performed well and I’m happy we were able to support a valued customer’s demand and thankful they trusted our quality control to yield high-integrity castings.”


S&K received the parts, machined them easily, and added them to the end application without issue.

S&K Housing Part
S&K casting completed by SF&E
S&K Machined Part
S&K casting after machined and finished by S&K

“A lot of other foundries have problems with porosity and consistency from piece to piece, which is most likely caused by the way the patterns are gated and the process by which the casting is poured,” Pizzino said. “We have not run into these quality issues with SF&E. I am thinking SF&E is doing something right in the engineering department to have this success.”


If you are looking for a high-quality bronze foundry partner, tell us more about your project today at

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