Steel Founders’ Society of America Recognizes Robert Uitz as Master Founder

Master Founder

Robert Uitz Recognized as Master Founder

Robert (Bob) Uitz, Quality Assurance Welding Program Coordinator at Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E), has been recognized by the Steel Founders’ Society of America as a Master Founder and the newest member of the Steel Founders’ Society of America Guild. This artisan honor is the highest level of recognition the Society offers and is distinguished by a range of foundry and leadership skills, as well as extraordinary contributions to a company’s success.

Bob has been a part of the SF&E team since 1978. During his tenure at SF&E, Bob has held the post of Grinder, Welder, Supervisor, and his current title as Quality Assurance Welding Program Coordinator. Bob’s responsibilities for the foundry involve repairs, procedures, and welding personnel qualifications as well as involvement in high-profile customer projects. He is a certified welder in over 30 alloy and technique combinations. Bob has extensive experience working with castings from many industries such as Nuclear power, NAVSEA, EU, including the Pressure Equipment Directive, as well as ASME B&PVC Section IX.

Bob was nominated for this recognition by SF&E Director of Quality and Engineering, Michael Porfilio. Michael shares, “Bob is the most accomplished welder I have ever seen. His most impressive characteristic is his daily mentoring. Bob is a true champion and customer advocate, getting things done right and always working on being the captain of the team.”

Bob will be recognized at this year’s Steel Founders’ Society of America National T&O Conference. SF&E values technical expertise and quality driven solutions. We are honored to have Bob as a leader of these qualities on the team!

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