Strategic Export Plan Stimulates International Markets

strategic export plan, investment castings

Strategic Export Plan Stimulates International Markets to Pump More Business into Stainless Foundry & Engineering

Pump and valve manufacturers in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Norway and South Korea are finding it beneficial and cost-effective ordering their castings from Stainless Foundry & Engineering, Inc. Requests for quotes are also in the pipeline from companies in Denmark and Belgium. To further assist SFE with their international presence, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation conducted an ExporTech course to better prepare Stainless Foundry & Engineering for its expansion efforts to Germany. This program combines group workshops with individual coaching, leading to an export plan written by company representatives and vetted by a panel of experts. Upon completion, the program builds connections to a team of export organizations that help participating companies like Stainless go-to-market and implement their export growth plans.

Global pump and food equipment manufacturers need an alloy with high strength, corrosive resistant material and anti-galling (seizing) properties. SFE’s Illium 8 has proven to be the right choice of material for these customers. Rotary and Positive Displacement Pumps used in Food Processing Equipment comprise a large portion of SFE’s export target market. Pump housings, valve bodies, impellers and rotors are all parts that have been poured, cast and shipped internationally this year by Stainless. Whether sand casting or investment casting, Stainless is keenly aware of the variables which can affect tolerances and is fully capable of meeting requirements.

Posted on: 2017-11-22 11:05:15

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