Summer 2023 Interns

Introducing Our New 2023 Summer Interns!

Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) is thrilled to welcome six new interns for the summer of 2023! SF&E has a consistent history of hiring interns since 2016.  We highly value the new perspectives and experiences our interns bring to the table. Meet our new additions to the SF&E family and learn about their experiences here so far.

Halle – Marketing & HR

Halle currently attends Milwaukee Area Technical College and will transfer as a junior to UW-Parkside for Marketing next spring. Halle chose SF&E for her internship because she has actually worked for Stainless since 2019.  Since she has supported several different departments in the past, Halle is able to leverage the knowledge she gained to promote SF&E internally and externally.  Halle assists her department with customer communication, content creation, employee engagement, data entry and organization, and market research. The most valuable skill she has learned so far at SF&E is organization because it is the key to managing things such as social media posts, events, data, and deadlines. When it comes to her favorite part about working at SF&E, she says, “The first thing that pops up in my mind is all the amazing people. Everybody is so kind, hardworking, and always willing to lend a hand. It is just such a positive and fun environment.”


Jadyn – Accounting

Jadyn is a recent graduate from Marquette University where he studied Finance. Jadyn chose SF&E for his internship because of its small group environment, good pay, and the foundry industry was a new experience for him. Some of his responsibilities include working with heat sheets to keep track of all the metals that come in and out of the foundry, accounts payable, ordering materials, and filing and administrative tasks. Two of the most valuable skills Jadyn has learned so far at SF&E are problem solving and flexibility. When it comes to his favorite part about working at SF&E, he says, “I just really enjoy the people that work here. Everyone is really nice whether they know your name or just your face they still say hello. Everyone is always eager to help you.”


William – Accounting

William will be a sophomore this fall at Saint Bonaventure University in New York majoring in Accounting. William chose SF&E for his internship because they were enthusiastic about teaching a younger student what the casting industry is all about. His responsibilities include tracking heat sheets, filing and organizing paid invoices, and assisting other departments with extra tasks. The most valuable skill William has learned so far is applying the knowledge he has acquired at school to the real world. He has found that it is a lot different going from learning in a classroom to executing in a work environment. When it comes to his favorite part about working at SF&E, he says, “The people. Everyone is really nice and they are all very helpful. If I am ever confused about anything I don’t feel nervous going up to somebody and asking for help or asking where something is. They are all just super nice.”


Evan – Quality Assurance

Evan will be a freshman at Syracuse University in New York and will be double majoring in Finance and Vocal Performance this fall. Evan chose SF&E because he takes pride in the problem-solving aspect of the job and working at SF&E would give him the first initial steps to working in a finance career. His responsibilities include documenting and following legal procedures to ensure efficiency in his department and organizing documents in a database so that his department can access them better. The most valuable skills Evan has learned so far are problem solving and organization. He is learning how to be more independent in his job as well as keep up on organizing new tasks. When it comes to his favorite part about working at SF&E, he says, “Honestly the people. The people are pretty amazing. I haven’t met a single person that I don’t enjoy.”


Jackson – IT

Jackson will be a sophomore this fall at UW-Madison and is majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Math. He chose SF&E because he enjoyed working in an individual setting rather than a group. He also liked the fact that the job required a lot of problem solving and felt that his work would have a positive impact on the company and his peers. Jackson’s responsibilities include assisting with ticket requests from internal employees as well as providing technical support to diagnose and solve issues with their computers and software. The most valuable skill Jackson has learned so far is analytical thinking because he faces many new challenges every day. The focus of his job is figuring things out on the fly which makes it constant learning experience.  When it comes to his favorite part about working at SF&E, he says, “I like to be able to do things on my own as opposed to being with a team all the time. I also enjoy my boss because I can work with someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience.”


Ryan – Engineering

Ryan will be a sophomore this fall at UW-Platteville and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Ryan chose SF&E because he was interested in the manufacturing side of engineering and saw that SF&E was heavily involved in both. He finds foundry engineering to be the most interesting because he can work both at a computer and on the production floor. Ryan has served as a lead on several projects and has recently been working on a project that will replace one of SF&E’s current systems. He also works on daily pour weights, filing, and inventory. The most valuable skills Ryan has learned so far are coordinating with others to work on projects, communicating plans and ideas, and of course, driving a forklift. When it comes to his favorite part about working at SF&E, he says, “The people are so nice. You go downstairs and everyone gives you fist bumps. It’s very nice here.”


SF&E takes pride in being able to work with students and provide them with opportunities to grow within our company. In fact, many interns at SF&E may be able to continue their time here as full-time employees. Working with interns benefits both parties. Our interns have a good understanding of company culture and experience in the industry. Interns also can be cross trained to cover for a full-time staff member who is off on PTO. Because summer months are the highest vacation time for our employees, using interns to fill in on their tasks allows us to better support our customers. Our interns benefit by gaining industry experience and insight into possible career opportunities. They also learn valuable skills that can help them earn a good job once they graduate. Our interns have become a valuable asset for our workforce and we look forward to introducing more students to SF&E in the years to come.


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