Why Responsiveness is an Industry Game-Changer

If you asked a Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) customer six years ago about the company’s responsiveness, they might have said it was minimal. Or, more likely, they would have said it was “as expected.” Metal manufacturers have historically operated under the reputation that customers get what they get when they get it.

About five years ago, SF&E decided that in today’s digital age, this lax foundry-customer relationship was no longer acceptable. Foundries produce parts that are one of many critical links in a supply chain. Information should be readily available to customers, just as it is with their other suppliers.

In fact, SF&E felt that it wasn’t enough to work toward improving our responsiveness. Real change would only come if we could serve as a proactive partner, demonstrating regularly how we are vested in our customers’ success. The following is a summary of what our commitment to customer service means.

  1. Paperless – No more searching through filing cabinets for materials certifications. Everything that our customers need is available through a secure online portal. Our customer service team is also always an email or phone call away.
  1. Real-time Status Updates – SF&E customers receive electronic order confirmations and weekly updates on open orders. As soon as an order is packed and on the dock, customers are sent a packing slip with shipment tracking information. If a customer calls or emails with questions, the customer service team can provide the exact status of each
  1. Change Notifications – SF&E is kicking the notion that foundries are afraid to share bad news. We feel that with open communication, if a scheduling challenge should arise, the foundry and customer can work together to adjust schedules and reset expectations. All change orders are recorded in our internal system and highlighted in the weekly status update.
  1. Ability to Expedite – Our proprietary expediting tool gives us the flexibility to elevate any order when needed. Whether it is catching up with a date shift or fitting in a quick-turn request from an existing customer, SF&E’s short lead times allow us to accommodate for priority batches.
  1. Immediate Internal Communication – Between daily management meetings, instant email notifications, and inter-departmental logging, the entire SF&E team works in synch. We know the only way we can be up front and honest with our customers is if we are the same with ourselves.

Today, you might not even have to ask about SF&E’s responsiveness because our name is synonymous with excellent support. Our customer-centric approach to order processing is a game-changer, especially in an industry where communication can be unclear and infrequent.

Stainless Foundry & Engineering (SF&E) is recognized by its fast response time to client requests and to total production with 4 to 6 weeks lead times.

To learn more or get in touch, contact us at sales@stainlessfoundry.com OR submit your requests directly HERE.

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